August 2, 2016


There has never been a better time to re-think manufacturing and use the latest technology to meet the needs of the industry. Experience shows that improvement is a continuous process and in that light remaining competitive will require us to embrace both innovation and change. Thus, Weldflow has recently acquired a new Fiber Laser Cutting system – ENSIS 3015 AJ from AMADA, which will complement our existing capabilities and enable us to service our ever-growing sheet metal processing needs. Furthermore, Weldflow is constantly striving to enrich its capabilities by introducing new improved ideas in engineering design by utilizing available trends in technology; implementing new leaner processes under continuous improvement strategies.

Engineering services are offered dependent upon the requirement of customers and the Weldflow technical staff is available to assist with every aspect of the design process. We can develop and prepare production drawing from initial ideas, sketches or samples.

Most of the material is stocked as inventory raw material allowing a quick turnaround.

Weldflow is equipped with the following major equipment on its production floor:
Amada mechanical shear with numerically controlled programmable back gauge can handle up to quarter inch thick plate and 10 feet long.Host of Amada turret punch presses to handle all sheet metal punch operation from simple to highly jobs. All machines are networked with computers providing loading and uploading of part programs. Most of the turret punch presses have tool setups to accommodate certain part production for a quick turn around and short response time. One machine is allocated for part development and customization process.

Different tonnage and sizes of All Steel press brakes for sheet metal forming operation. Moreover, recently added 5 Axis press brakes with offline software capabilities. All press brakes are equipped with numerically controlled back gauges.

All types of hardware insertion such as studs, standoffs, nuts special attachments are carried out through specialized automated equipment. Including the capacitor discharge welding equipment for hardware requiring clean surface on the opposite side of the hardware insertion.

All types of welding, spot welding and brazing is carried out with the help of number of welding stations. Welding of different alloys is possible for both MIG & TIG, depending upon the engineering specifications determined by either the designer of Weldflow or the customer.

Weldflow has approved vendors for finishing requirements as provided by the customers, either it could be chrome plating, powder coating, anodizing or wet paint.

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