Metal Fixtures

We have in house knowledge gathered over the 4 decades of contract manufacturing in making light fixtures, commercial light fixtures, store fixtures and variety of display units. These components involve usage of host of sheet metal processes like custom panels, formed panels, general metal forming, punching and cut outs, welding, spot welding and other precision sheet metal processes. At Weldflow Metal, we provide metal door, drawer, and panels fabrication. We use industry specific materials for all of our fabrications, such as prime galvanized and satin coat to ensure that our products are protected from moisture related corrosion. In addition, special arrangements can also be made for services such as spot welding for sub-assemblies. Our steel doors, cabinets, and drawers are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We are also happy to provide an array of services necessary to meet the full scope of development work, including the preparation of production drawings and the use of appropriate work process centers in order to ensure that the products we produce fully meet expectations regarding quality and engineering design integrity.

Whether you are in need of steel drawer fabrication, steel door fabrication, steel panels fabrication, or metal panels fabrication, we can provide you with the quality products you expect. We offer metal fabrication services at the highest precision level possible. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen is capable of custom producing any element you may need to your precise design specifications. We employ a comprehensive product inspection process to ensure your complete satisfaction. You can rely on our detail driven quality control processes to ensure that your parts are completely accurate

Over the years, we have been serving to our customer needs in store metal fixtures making various display units, racking, in commercial applications like steel doors, cabinets and drawers etc. Special arrangements for spot welding for such sub-assemblies is carried out in house along with in house capabilities for production of other components related to such parts and other accessories.

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