Challenges Involved in Contract Manufacturing

Along with standard and custom stainless steel and sheet metal products, reputable fabricators offer a variety of other services included is contract manufacturing. Contract manufacturing is when a company arranges for a manufacturer to create parts and components.

As part of contract manufacturing services, the fabrication company provides with all required materials to be used to complete the part. Keep in mind that reputable fabricators are particular about the material /hardware they use to complete the part.

Key Advantages

Contract manufacturing services offer quick turnaround and cost savings. In response to customers that need a large quantity of finished parts or components, an overseas fabricator can produce them fast without compromising on quality. Customers also save money on parts and components made overseas due to lower labor costs. For those reasons and others, sheet metal contract manufacturing is a high-demand service.

Along with the benefits of sheet metal contract manufacturing come challenges. For one thing, fabricators in North America need to be cautious about feeding innovative ideas to a potential competitor. With an excellent legal contract in place, they can overcome that challenge and have protection against fraudulent activity that could at some point cost them business. Not only does the agreement outline the company’s legal rights, but it also provides recourse should something go awry.

Language barriers and cultural differences can also serve as obstacles if the contract manufacturer is overseas. For that reason, companies choose overseas manufacturing companies carefully and always have a point of contact that serves as a liaison. Another potential issue has to do with losing control over the quality of the manufacturing process and finished product.

North American companies that offer contract manufacturing services have strict rules and policies in place to provide a reliable, efficient and clean environment to their customers.They are aware that reputable companies only work with manufacturers that maintain clean and well-managed facilities, are ISO-certified, have a strong reputation in the marketplace, offer drop-shipping to customers, and have a history of keeping up on product demand.

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Sheet metal contract manufacturing is one of our many offerings at Weldflow Metal Products. For more information about this and our other services, please contact us.

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