What Is the Difference Between CNC Cutting and Laser Cutting?

Although services for both CNC cutting and laser cutting in NYC produce precision parts and components, there are distinct differences between the two. If you need stainless steel or sheet metal fabricated, knowing the distinctions will help you select the right company. While both methods produce intricate parts and components and are fast and reliable, they work in unique ways.

CNC Cutting

CNC, the acronym for Computer Numeric Control devices, uses specialized tools to quickly and efficiently produce products. With CNC laser cutting, an expert creates a design based on what the customer needs using a software program like CorelDRAW or AutoCAD. Once the designer feels satisfied with the drawing, he or she places a piece of metal or some other material on the cutting surface.

The computer sends a signal to the CNC cutting machine, which in turn, interprets the design. With a prototype that meets all requirements, the operator can process multiple products. For this machine to cut, the tool moves back and forth as well as side-to-side along the axes while following the shape of the design.

CNC cutting is particularly popular in industries that require precise and complex cuts on different types of materials. For example, in Stainless steel fabrication, CNC steel cutting machines are commonly used to create intricate designs with high accuracy.

Moreover, CNC metal cutting has revolutionized manufacturing processes by enabling faster production times and reducing human error. The integration of CNC technology has significantly improved efficiency and productivity in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and furniture production.

In summary, CNC cutting refers to the use of computer-controlled machines to accurately cut materials according to predetermined designs. While both CNC and laser cutting have their advantages depending on specific requirements, CNC technology has proven its versatility in various industries by providing precise and efficient solutions for Custom metal fabrication and other material-cutting needs.

Laser Cutting

Like CNC metal cutting, a CNC system guides the laser metal cutting machine. The difference is how the cutting occurs. Instead of a cutting tool, a laser relies on heat to create the desired shape of the product. While traditional metal CNC cutting carves out the design, laser cutting relies on a high-energy light beam that burns through the metal material. Although this type of cutting does not work for every application, it does offer several unique advantages.

  • Precision – A primary reason for having parts and components fabricated with a laser metal cutting machine is the incredible precision. With CNC laser cutting, the tool has limited widths. For instance, the smallest radius is only slightly under 1mm. In comparison, a fabricator can set a laser bean to as little as 0.1mm. That makes it possible to achieve detailed cuts with tremendous precision.
  • Cleaned and Sealed Edges – Because laser cutting involves burning, edges are always clean and sealed. Not only does this improve the functionality of the finished product, but it also enhances appearance.

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