The Technological Evolution of Laser Cutting

Multiple industries depend on laser cutting services in New York. From a technological perspective, this process has evolved tremendously into what it is today, an innovative solution for cutting 100 percent precision parts and components with unbelievable speed. Experts predict even more exciting advancements in the future for the laser cutting services currently available.

Metal laser cutting in New York is quite versatile. Not only is it used by manufacturing companies, but also as part of laser surgery and for some forms of art. While considered a standard process, it remains a relatively new technology.

A Look at History

One important note is that the different types of laser cutting machines and various processes each have a unique history. However, the first laser dates to 1960, Even then, experts recognized that the discovery of the laser beam had tremendous potential, although it people seldom used it. While scientists felt excited about this revolutionary development, the public saw lasers more as a threat. Fortunately, that perception soon changed.

Below, you will find some fascinating things about lasers and laser cutting.

  • Laser cutting was one of the initial processes discovered for the use of the laser beam.
  • In 1964, Kumar Patel, an electrical engineer with Bell Labs, invented the gas laser cutting process.
  • That same year and at the same laboratory, another engineer named J.E. Geusic invented the crystal laser cutting process.
  • Very quickly, many applications relied on laser cutting services.
  • By the 1970s, the aerospace industry began using this technology.
  • During the early 1970s, experts discovered that the earlier invented gas laser cutting process could cut through a variety of materials, including metal. This breakthrough made headlines since it accomplished something the carbon dioxide laser failed to do.
  • Just 10 years later, roughly 20,000 commercial machines existed around the world.


Present Laser Cutting Services

Even with its somewhat short history, this technology has reached new levels of success.

  • Metal Laser Cutting in New York– A reputable fabricator can profile steel in different thicknesses.
  • Custom Laser Cutting – Customization includes a variety of materials, as well as specialized production parts and profiles.
  • Etching Solutions – Metal etching is another standard process offered by the top fabrication companies.


Hiring the Right Fabricator

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