Understanding the Steps Involved in Custom Laser Cutting

Although you can get precision cuts with various machines, custom laser cutting is by far the best. For outstanding results, it is important to hire a reputable company known for its exceptional laser cutting services. Not only will that company use a state-of-the-art laser cut machine, but it will also utilize an experienced fabricator and cutting-edge software.

As a type of CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine, a laser machine is both accurate and fast. A CNC laser machine works for fabricating single finished products, but usually, it is the best solution for prototypes made before producing parts and components on a larger scale. The following steps involving a laser cut machine will give you a better understanding of its abilities.

  • Desired Image – The best companies use the customer’s images, or they can develop them based on specifications. Either way, the image gets uploaded into a computer program, which then provides directions to the machine.
  • Workpiece – Depending on the workpiece material involved, such as metal, aluminum, plastic, paper, wood, or glass, the fabrication company will use the appropriate type of machine required for the job.
  • Automation – The information uploaded into the computer software program signals the machine to use its laser beam for cutting or etching.

The overall process involved with a laser cutting machine is relatively straightforward, although the finished product is incredible. A more basic machine is ideal for cutting wood, paper, cardboard, and some plastic, whereas one with greater power cuts through thicker materials, including steel.

Due to power variances, the type of machine determines the kind and thickness of the workpiece material. A top-rated company that provides laser cutting services uses one or all three of the most common machines, including a CO2, neodymium, and fiber laser. While they share many of the same design elements, they vary in power.

Electrically stimulated gas mixtures generate the beam on a CO2 machine. This laser machine cuts through a variety of materials, making it versatile and efficient. The beam of a neodymium laser forms from neodymium doped crystals. Because this machine has a smaller wavelength, it is more intense, and thereby, capable of cutting through thicker materials. A seed laser, which amplifies its effects using unique glass fibers, is what creates the beam of a fiber laser machine. While both neodymium and fiber laser machines have similarities, the latter requires less maintenance.

Optimal Laser Cutting Services

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