What Are the Applications of Metal Fabrications Across Various Sectors?

Metal fabricators in Toronto work with companies of all sizes and industries. Various sectors rely on these professional services, each involving unique applications. In other words, the type of parts and components requested by an automotive manufacturer wouldn’t be the same for those ordered by the medical sector.

Sometimes, companies in Toronto turn to metal fabrication for parts they use in their manufacturing process. For instance, if a component or a piece of machinery breaks, they would likely depend on custom metal fabrication in Mississauga. However, companies also order fabricated parts for consumer products. That means if a company makes children’s toys, they will utilize the fabrication process for a component of a toy truck, doll, or something else.

For a better understanding of the applications that metal fabricators in Toronto assist with, consider the following examples.

  • Energy – Especially for the oil and gas sectors, companies into custom metal fabrication in Mississauga play an important role. They also serve organizations that deal with nuclear energy, wind energy, and the generation of solar power. As for the types of applications, metal fabricators specialize in parts and components for electricity power turbines, gas platforms, pipelines, transformer cores, electromagnetic shields, and much more.
  • Construction – The construction industry uses a lot of fabricated parts and components. Companies that provide services for metal fabrication in Toronto offer a broad range of products. These include ladders, platforms, girders, steel beams, and handrails. This sector uses these products to create basic structures for residential and commercial buildings. It also needs them for warehouses, bridges, and other megastructures.
  • Mining – Even the mining industry does a lot of work with the top providers of custom metal fabrication in Mississauga. In this case, the industry requires various types of tools, equipment, and machinery for the mining process. A few examples include pipes, fittings, rods, grading, rails, and beams.
  • Aerospace – This is another sector that relies heavily on the services of metal fabricators in Toronto. Along with the design, experts in the aerospace sector produce a variety of aircraft. Not only do they build planes for commercial use, but they also work with the Canadian Air Force, Army, and Navy.
  • Shipbuilding – Because shipbuilders use a lot of metal, this sector depends heavily on fabricated components. Metal fabricators in Toronto make stairs, platforms, hulls, flooring, and hulls, among other things. They also provide their expertise in both the repair and maintenance of commercial and military ships.

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