Sheet Metal Boxes and Enclosures

At Weldflow Metal, we are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship for electronic enclosures of all types. We have the capability to manufacture wide variety of metal boxes, electrical panels, and electronic sheet metal enclosures to the highest quality standards. These high-quality components are CNC punch pressed. We can produce many different styles of electronic enclosures for a variety of uses. Our parts are also press brake formed.

A variety of fasteners is attached for your convenience. All our electrical metal enclosures are Tig, Mig, spot welded or clinched based upon the specifications provided by the clients to ensure that they are a perfect fit for the intended application. In addition, we provide a variety of final finishes for our electrical enclosures, including powder coated and anodized, per the customer requirements. When you need quality electronic sheet metal enclosures, you can depend on Weldflow Metal Products to provide you with the products you need at the standard of quality that you expect. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our electronic enclosures meet all client provided tolerance specifications. Our internal quality check procedure ensures comprehensive production consistency for all sheet metal components utilized in our electronic enclosures.

Sheet Metal Enclosure Fabrication: Weldflow is well experienced in manufacturing variety of metal boxes, electronic enclosures, electrical panels and appliance covers as part of sub-assembly or enclosure by itself. Finals finishes can be anodized, powder coated as per requirement. We also cater for general appliance covers used by different OEM which we manufacture as per required design and specification. Services required meet the complete development work, preparing production drawings and using appropriate work process centers to meet the competitiveness of the product in quality and engineering design integrity. There are innumerable components that Weldflow makes as part of its contract manufacturing of appliance covers for customers belonging to many different categories of industries.

Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures and Boxes

Custom sheet metal boxes and enclosures from Weldflow Metal Products are of high quality. You can use these fully welded enclosures for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Panel boxes
  • EMI enclosures
  • Control box enclosures
  • Electrical equipment
  • Alarm enclosures

Sheet Metal Electronic Enclosures Manufacturer and Supplier: If you have a harsh environment, we offer durable sheet metal enclosures to stand up to it. We have designed each of our products to meet your specific requirements for any job. We will manufacture each of your custom metal enclosures to get the job done. We do all of our manufacturing in-house so you can rest assured that we will see to the details.

  • Metal Enclosures and Appliance Covers
  • electronic enclosures
  • Electrical Panels and Appliance Covers

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