Why Use Lasers for Fabricating Sheet Metals?

Laser cutting is a highly efficient method of fabricating sheet metals. When you are considering your options, think about the method’s capabilities and whether it can best meet your needs. You’ll want a plan that offers quick and precise results. Many times, custom sheet metal laser cutting is the best option. 

Quick and Effective

Lasers quickly move through materials and can go around 20 to 70 inches each minute. The speed depends on how intricate the parts being made are. 

If a company uses lasers with several heads, the cutting speed becomes even faster. Many companies let their laser equipment run overnight without operators present. That makes the process even more efficient. 

Low Cost

Other cutting methods can be costly. However, laser cutting involves a high automation level, reducing labor costs. Plus, the company does not have to pay as much to replace the lasers since they do not get dull easily as other tools can. That means they don’t need to spend time changing the tool mid-process. If they do not need to interrupt the cutting process, the operation becomes more efficient.

Precise Results 

A sheet metal laser cutting service can produce precise results. The tools used have detailed capabilities, meaning they can work with tight tolerances. Clients who need sharp, smooth results should choose to get metal laser cutting in NYC. There likely won’t be burring on the finished piece since the material melts instead of getting cut. 


CNC controls run the machine, not a human operator. After inputting codes, the computer runs them, thereby minimizing errors. That results in higher-quality pieces. 


A fabricator offers custom sheet metal cutting because of the versatility it provides clients. This fabrication method is highly precise and accurate, and it can work with many material types, including metals. Laser cutting is ideal if you have a sheet metal fabrication project. This method can create intricate designs and work under tight tolerances, so nearly any project is possible. Plus, lasers can quickly move through the material, so the fabrication company can ensure your project stays within your desired timeframe.

Choose a Reliable Provider of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service

When choosing a fabrication method, it is essential to learn more about the processes available, like laser cutting. Do your research in finding the right fabricator too. Not every company offers the same quality results. Luckily, Weldflow Metal Products is an experienced provider of metal laser cutting in NYC. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of our sheet metal laser cutting service.

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