Why Choose Metal Fabrication Over Plastic?

More customers and manufacturing companies alike are leaning toward metal parts over their plastic counterparts. Sure, plastic material plays an important role in the world of fabrication. However, metals offer several distinct advantages. That explains why there are more companies offering metal fabrication services than plastics.

To better understand the dramatic increase in the number of industries that rely on metal fabrication companies, here are some comparisons of metals versus plastics.


Pros of Metal Materials

Metal can withstand heat, with some metals resisting 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Another advantage of this material has to do with the broad range of choices. Depending on the product, you can select aluminum, stainless steel, carbon, brass, copper, and much more.

Some metals are chemical resistant, making them a perfect choice for many industries that use the services for metal fabrication in NYC. Metals also have the unique ability to conduct both electricity and heat. So, for parts and components that need to transfer either one, metal is a reliable and safe choice.

Several companies that manufacture equipment and construction components turn to top metal fabrication companies for valves and pipes. After all, metal can withstand significant pressure. Finally, metal is a cost-effective material. For smaller businesses, this allows them to have quality products made without spending a lot of money.

Cons of Metal Materials

The good news is that metal has few drawbacks, which explains the high demand for metal fabrication services. However, there are a couple of things to consider. For instance, this material oxidizes, especially aluminum. This also causes carbon steel to rust.

There is the weight factor, as well. Metal is quite heavy, making it difficult to move a finished product. Then, for mass-produced products, you would need high-cost NRE/Mold to help reduce the expense of the parts or components.


Pros of Plastic Materials

The biggest advantage of plastic material is that it costs less than metal. Also, in applications where companies need to eliminate any risk of electrical shock, plastic works great since it does not transfer electricity or heat. Another advantage of plastics is that it is lightweight, which is critical for some applications.

Cons of Plastic Materials

Of all the disadvantages associated with plastic, a lack of strength ranks number one. Some plastic materials are incredibly strong, though. However, the materials used for metal fabrication in NYC are much stronger. One last thing to note is that it costs a lot more to set up plastic molds than it does for metal.

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