Design Custom Enclosures This Way to Get an Amazing Outcome

It can take some time when you are designing custom enclosures as the design should be cost effective and the product should be great. Amongst other things, to have a perfect and cost-effective design, you will have to consider the right material & hardware to use, which can be also be shared between the designs. For instance, if one of your designs has certain latches or studs, you should consider using those same ones for other enclosures if you can. By looking for these commonalities, both you and your clients can benefit from these sheet metal enclosures.

Creating a Starting Point

Some clients do not know exactly what they want, but if they have a custom sheet metal enclosure design in mind, you can help improve the design by giving them ideas and options of material & hardware they can pick from and save some money. By incorporating some small changes in the hardware used or by using an efficient way of inserting the hardware you can achieve improvement in manufacturing process and a better designed enclosure.


By using the same material or hardware for various enclosures can also reduce your cost for supply chain parts since you can order these in larger batches. Also, consider using a vendor managed inventory (VMI) system. By doing so, you can reduce the number of purchase orders that you need to create. The VMI will put the responsibility of checking the material inventory on your vendor instead of on your buyer.

Saving Time and Money

By using the same material even manufacturing will be faster and your turnaround time will improve. It also means less stock-keeping units (SKU’s) and better inventory management as there will be not be a lot of materials to handle. You can also save money by ordering more quantity of the same material or hardware as vendor pass on the saving to manufacturers if they order in bulk.

This results in faster lead time in all the process involved in manufacturing of your enclosure. involved.

Get the Right Custom Metal Enclosures

By finding commonalities in the design, you can get many benefits. With so many advantages, it is worthwhile to look at the design of the custom sheet metal enclosures and see where you can add some commonality. Even if one change seems fairly simple, it can have a big impact on the outcome of the project. If you have other questions about how to ensure a good outcome, feel free to reach out to Weldflow Metal Products today for more information or to speak with a representative. We are always happy to help you.

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