How Does CNC Routing Work?

Understanding CNC routing starts with learning the basic terms. CNC stands for computer numerical control, which means that a computer program tells the machine to cut a hole, preprogrammed shape, or design. When you complete the setup, the computer does all the programmed instructions. CNC routing is invaluable for fabricating precise and intricate shapes. The technology has applications in aluminum and plastic sheet machining, millwork, architectural pieces, and more. To know how CNC routing works, let’s learn about the basic processes.

The Computer-aided Design (CAD) Phase

CAD is the first process performed by any CNC routing services provider. It creates a three-dimensional image of the object that you want to cut. This is a crucial part of CNC routing because you must use a material to produce a cut-out. Materials usually take three directions in a specific space. Wood, glass, metal, stone, and even paper are three-dimensional materials that you can work with using CNC routing.

It takes some degree of patience to learn and use a CAD program. You must get used to move around and view objects on a three-dimensional plane. If you are a first-time CAD software user, you can get some files from a CAD-using community. This can help you practice on several pieces. You can use different tools in the program to manipulate them.

The G-Code Phase

After creating your 3D image, you must translate it into information that your CNC router understands. This is when the G-code comes in. The G-code can tell the CNC router how and where to move. Using a G-code is much like using the directions available to complete the map. Thanks to constant advances in software technology, you can now convert your 3D image into its G-code.

The Machining Phase

This involves the cutting of your material. Machining materializes your computer work. As this process happens, your plain piece of wood, plastic, or cardboard evolves into the object you digitally designed. This is the easiest step performed by a provider of CNC routing services. When the CNC machine is ready with the CAD and G-code, it can alter the dimensions of the material.

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