How Thick Metal Cutting Is Made Efficient with Lasers

Whether you are in electronics manufacturing, the medical field, energy production, or another industry, laser cutting is highly beneficial when used for cutting thick metal pieces. Finding the right provider of laser cutting services will let you quickly get your item made.

About Laser Cutting

Some companies have chosen powerful laser cutting machines to cut their needed parts. That way, they can increase their production speed.

Laser cutting involves using an intense laser, directed using a computer numerical control (CNC) system and superior optics. Often, laser cutting services companies use motion control systems to follow a unique pattern to cut.

The machine focuses the laser beam, allowing it to melt, burn, or vaporize the material into the right shape. There is a jet of gas, which provides a quality finish at the edge. The machine stimulates the lasing materials through lamps or electrical discharges through closed containers.

Mirrors in the machine amplify the lasing material internally, allowing the energy to increase until it can escape as light. More mirrors focus the light toward the material, directing it through lenses to further intensify it.

The Efficiency and Other Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an efficient process. It lets companies do several jobs at once or overlap multiple projects. Another reason laser cutting is efficient is that it doesn’t take long to set up the machines. Plus, lasers are reliable, meaning companies are less likely to face unplanned downtime during production.

Offering Quality Services

Weldflow Metal Products offers top-notch laser cutting services in NYC using state-of-the-art equipment. It specializes in providing custom laser cutting services. Weldflow can process stainless steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, copper, satin coat, and brass. No matter the material type, Weldflow can create unique production parts or profiles to meet the client’s specifications.

Steel laser cutting is another category of services Weldflow provides. It involves profiling steel in many thicknesses, from very thin gauges to steel plates of different thicknesses. Lasers can do more than cut metal. They can also engrave pieces in individual letters and fonts to create artwork or label parts.

Lasers make it easy to etch the material, no matter the requirement. Clients can have artwork or text created, including logos and brand names. They can also have part numbers engraved into the piece if they request it in their part specification.

Choose the Best Provider of Laser Cutting Services Today

No matter the industry you are operating in, you can benefit from laser cutting. When you have to precisely cut thick pieces of metal, lasers make the process more efficient. Choose to work with Weldflow Metal Products, one of the top providers of laser cutting services in NYC. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of laser cutting in NYC.

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