Understanding What Is Involved in Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is an important process that involves the use of bending, cutting, and assembling metal materials into a variety of different shapes and sizes. In most instances, metal fabrication service work is performed in a machine shop with the use of a variety of highly specialized tools and processes, including welding. Various specialized metal fabrication methods may also include forming, shearing, brazing, forging, extrusion, powder coating, heat treatment, casting, punching, spinning, and chipping.

Additionally, various types of raw materials may be used as part of the metal fabrication process, including formed metal, plate metal, square stock, tube stock, castings, welding wire, fittings, and hardware. There are typically several different stages that form the metal fabrication process, including welding, forming, cutting, burning, machining, and final assembly. These processes are used to create a variety of different products, including loose components, structural frames, and metal store fixtures.

One of the most important elements in determining the quality of a metal fabricated part is the company selected to perform the work. Metal fabrication is a delicate process that requires extensive industry knowledge and expertise. Choosing the right metal fabrication firm can ensure the best possible results.

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