What Is the Maximum Thickness of Metal That Lasers Can Handle?

There’s no question that the development of lasers has changed how multiple industries perform their operations. Fabricators are a perfect example. Using the right machinery, they can create finished workpieces faster and with more accuracy.

Some manufacturing companies have this capability in-house. However, if your company outsources this type of service, it’s important to choose a reputable laser cutting company.

When you need help with laser cutting in NYC, you want to make sure the fabrication company uses only the highest quality materials. Not only that, but they should offer a variety of metals to accommodate your different projects. Another thing, you will want an experienced fabricator performing the work. That way, you know they’ll do the job correctly.

Making Perfect Cuts

Although laser technology is highly advanced, it still requires an expert to create what you need. A professional must select the appropriate material and make cuts that fall within acceptable guidelines. In other words, they need to know the maximum thickness of the metal workpiece involved.

Experts that provide services for laser cutting in New York have extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Relying on that, they factor in several things before making cuts. That includes the type of material, the specific machine, the laser cutter’s power, and so on.

With everything combined, they can make a stellar finished product. This is incredibly important. If a fabricator tries to cut metal that’s too thick, it could damage the machine. That, in turn, would delay you getting the product you ordered. Once again, this is just one reason why you want to select a reputable laser cutting company.

Material Diversity

Another amazing aspect of laser cutting in NYC is that the right fabrication company uses an assortment of metals. Some examples include:

  • Stainless Steel – This metal contains a slight amount of chromium, which makes the material corrosion-resistant.
  • Carbon Steel – As a blend of iron and carbon, this metal contains a significant amount of carbon.
  • Mild Steel – Compared to carbon steel, the level of carbon is much lower.
  • Aluminum – A laser cutting company uses this metal for certain applications because it’s strong yet lightweight.
  • Steel Alloys – To give alloy steels strength, they’re bonded with one or more additional elements.

How Thick Is Thick Enough?

As mentioned, many variables come into play to determine the maximum thickness that machines used for laser cutting in New York can handle. For example, a fabricator will use 6,000 watts of laser power to cut stainless steel. In that case, the maximum thickness is roughly 2.75 inches.

Now, dropping the watts down to 4,000, the machine could only cut stainless steel to about an inch. On the other hand, if the fabricator used the same 6,000 watts of laser power to cut carbon steel, the maximum thickness would only be 1 and 5/8 inches. By utilizing the services of a trusted company for laser cutting in New York, you can feel confident they’ll make all the appropriate decisions.

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