Why Is Precision Metal Fabrication a Preferred Choice in Industries?

Many companies belonging to different industries choose to use precision metal fabrication. Often, they prefer this method because it allows them to shape the metal into anything. Then the fabricator can form this into a sheet to create a specific product. The process is complicated to ensure accuracy. This is why many people know the process of precision metal fabrication.

The Process

First, the company will follow a design process to implement the project. This usually happens on paper. During the initial stage, designers share ideas about the expected quality and specifications of the final product.

Then the company will start developing the product using 3D technology. This step allows the designers to bring their ideas to life so that they can also correct any issues. Then it is time to create a prototype. There are several methods that companies can use to create a prototype.

For example, precision sheet metal fabrication requires laser cutting. The tools will shape and cut the materials to a professional standard. The laser directs the output through the optics. For metal applications, the laser melts the material using a high heat level.

CNC Folding and Punching

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending is a process that allows the bending of the sheet metal. The process uses CNC press brakes. Their function is to bend either large or small parts of the metal.

Sometimes, metal fabricators will use a punch press to put holes in the metal. A die will be used to place the punch. Metal fabricators can either reuse the material or discard it. This is an inexpensive method to shape metal. For example, many companies use it to forge applications out of heated metal.

In the end, metal fabricators will refine the piece. This involves using a CNC lathe to remove any excess material. This is a side process of precision metal fabrication that fabricators will often use to finish the piece.

Powder Coating

To color a resulting piece from custom sheet metal fabrication, metal fabricators will use a powder coating. Usually, this process involves using the dry powder. It does not require a solvent to keep fillers or binders in place. Instead, fabricators use electrostatics to apply powder coating and heat to cure it. One of the uses of powder coating is for bikes or car parts.

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