4 Techniques that Metal Fabrication Companies Excel In

When it comes to fabrication services, not everyone understands just how far-reaching they are. Some businesses only consider this when they need a prototype made. While that’s certainly an important option, there are many others. This is especially true for custom metal fabrication.

What Does a Reputable Metal Fabrication Services Company Offer?

Along with standard services, the leading sheet metal fabrication companies produce custom parts and components. This creates new opportunities and expands the types of industries served. Below are four techniques that showcase the talent that professional fabricators possess.

Plasma Cutting

For more intricate and complex designs, plasma cutting is an outstanding method of custom metal fabrication. A special machine allows experts to cut even the most complicated shapes without affecting the surrounding metal. Along with yielding a precision product, this reduces waste material.

Some sheet metal fabrication companies rely on CNC machines for this kind of project. Although it does a good job, plasma cutting is the superior method.


It’s important not to mistake soldering for welding. Soldering involves heating metal so fabricators can bond it whereas, welding consists of melting the material. Although each metal fabrication services company is different, most solder brass, silver, gold, copper, and iron.

Hydraulic Pressing

This is another type of custom metal fabrication that the experts excel at. Hydraulic pressing is commonly used for an assortment of applications. These include punching, metal forming, deep drawing, blanking, molding, clinching, and forging. However, it’s also an option when fabricating metal.

Metal Brake Bending

Whenever sheet metal fabrication companies need to create bends or angles, this is the technique used. To accomplish a precision finished product, most work with a press brake machine.

Important Factors to Consider

Rather than work with just any metal fabrication services company, you want to confirm five things:

  1. The source has a stellar reputation.
  2. The source utilizes cutting-edge equipment.
  3. The source works with the highest quality metal available.
  4. The source keeps its prices competitive.
  5. The source backs all work performed.

Trusting Your Fabrication Needs to a Top Source

Whether you need a simple part or component made or require something complex, Weldflow Metal Products can help. As part of our standard and custom metal fabrication, we offer all these services and more. With years of experience, we understand that every customer has unique needs.

So, rather than provide cookie-cutter solutions, we make products that meet the customer’s exact specifications. Give us a call to speak with a qualified representative. That way, you can get answers to your questions. We’ll even provide you with a free quote.

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