How 3D Printing Is Transforming the Medical Industry

3D Printing Services in NYC

Many industries have changed dramatically in the past few years. However, two, in particular, stand out. That includes fabrication and medical. Today, fabrication companies offer the healthcare sector new and exciting options. Included are 3D printing services in NYC.

Impressive Changes

Thanks to this amazing technology, the medical field now has innovative tools and therapies available. Overall, CNC routing services for 3D printing allow healthcare professionals to provide patients with better care.

Not only have 3D printing services in NYC changed how doctors perform their services but also other healthcare professionals. This technology enhances the abilities of dentists, therapists, and even pharmaceutical companies too. For instance, with custom metal fabrication, it’s possible to develop new surgical devices and prostheses.

Experts use 3D printing for custom metal fabrication to make planning complex medical procedures easier. It’s also played a critical role in personal protective equipment used by first responders, nurses, and doctors during the pandemic. Overall, this technology is transforming the healthcare sector.

How Does 3D Printing Work?

Also referred to as “additive manufacturing,” 3D printing uses a digital image to create a 3D solid object. The printer works by reading a digital blueprint. From that, it reproduces the information layer by layer using UV light and printing filament. As the layers build, the completed product emerges.

For CNC routing services used for both standard and custom metal fabrication, 3D printing is a game-changer. So much so that this year, it’s become a $1.25 billion market for the medical sector alone. However, experts predict that in just six years, that number will jump to around $6 billion.

The Outcome of 3D Printing

To get a better understanding of why 3D printing is so critical for the medical field, consider the following.

Implants and Prosthetics

A leading company that provides 3D printing services in NYC can make accurate and safe implants and prosthetics. One of the key benefits of this technology is the lower cost to create products. For instance, kids who use prosthetics grow rapidly. That means getting new devices made often. With 3D printing, that process isn’t nearly as expensive compared to traditional fabrication methods.

This technology is also making a difference for companies that make dental implants. It benefits orthopedic specialists, as well. Using custom metal fabrication services that include 3D printing, they can replace bones and joints throughout a patient’s body.

Anatomical Models

3D printing also makes it possible to create anatomical models. This allows physicians, researchers, and medical students to use them in place of real human body parts. In one scenario, doctors had a 3D model made of a patient’s blood vessels. They then used that to devise a safe and successful plan to operate.

Relying on the Best Source

3D CNC routing services play a critical role in the medical field. So, you want to work with an experienced fabricator. At Weldflow Metal Products, we offer superior services that yield accurate and reliable results. Call us today.

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