Maximizing Functionality and Efficiency with Custom Sheet Metal Boxes

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If your company utilizes metal boxes, you understand the importance of quality and price. Fortunately, there’s a viable solution that doesn’t compromise cost for efficiency. By choosing the right source, you can have superior sheet metal enclosures at a competitive cost.

Additional Ways to Ensure Quality and Affordability

Here are some other factors to consider when ordering custom sheet metal boxes.

Stock Inventory

Even when you need a customized product, a reputable fabricator can create an excellent enclosure using stock inventory. Rather than sourcing material from a third party, the fabricator will use what it already has on hand.

Not only does that include different types of metals but also hardware, fasteners, and components. Doing this will reduce the expenses and reduce the time it takes to produce the box.

In-House Finishes

In addition, hire a manufacturer that makes custom sheet metal enclosures and offers a variety of finishes. Again, that’ll reduce the price and speed up the delivery time. Leading fabricators offer an assortment of finishes such as brushing, chem film, tin plating, anodizing, and powder coating. Some can even incorporate graphics as part of the overall design.

A Wide Selection of Materials

When you work with a respected fabricator, an expert will guide you through the material selection process. You might want sheet metal enclosures made of stainless steel or copper. However, consider more cost-effective options such as cold rolled steel or aluminum, which are also outstanding choices for sheet metal boxes.

Perforated Metal as Opposed to CNC Routing

Although CNC routing remains a popular fabrication method, you can stick to a tight budget by choosing perforated metal instead. After all, for custom sheet metal boxes that require ventilation, a router makes each hole individually. As a result, it takes longer and costs more to complete.

In comparison, you might want to go with perforated metal instead. Another option that can help you save time and money involves having slots made rather than holes. This ensures proper ventilation of sheet metal enclosures and prevents them from warping.

Adding Countersinks

If you prefer the fasteners on custom sheet metal enclosures to sit flush with the material’s surface, a fabricator can countersink them. However, only do this if necessary because there’s an added expense for this type of fabrication work.

Select Welding over Fasteners

Another way to enhance the functionality of sheet metal enclosures without increasing costs is to have a fabricator weld the various parts instead of using fasteners. However, keep in mind that using fasteners is still recommended.

Customize Only When Necessary

You can still order custom sheet metal boxes without full customization. A trusted fabrication company that can show you ways to save money without compromising on quality or functionality.

We Offer Excellent Fabrication Services at Affordable Prices

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