What Are the Fundamentals of Laser Cutting Metal?

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Many manufacturing companies use a variety of methods to create prototypes and finished products. However, when it comes to precision, it’s always best to choose one that provides metal laser cutting services.

Metal laser cutting is not only accurate but also incredibly fast. Read to learn more about the basic processes involved in metal laser cutting and the different types of lasers used.

The Basics of Metal Laser Cutting Services

This method of fabrication dates back more than 60 years. However, it’s become increasingly advanced over time. Today, it’s considered one of the most advanced and successful ways to cut metal accurately. The leading laser cutting companies use cutting-edge machines combined with computer numerical control technology, otherwise known as CNC.

To better understand why industrial laser cutting services are in such high demand, consider these key factors.

Different Types of Lasers

Fabricators use different types of lasers. These include:

  • Fiber – This powerful laser involves special glass fibers that amplify the beam.
  • CO2 – Many laser cutting companies use this type, which runs electricity through a tube that contains a mixture of gases.
  • Crystal – There are two forms of the crystal laser, including Nd:YAG and Me:YVO. They’re both powerful and work great on coated and uncoated metal. However, they’re significantly more expensive compared to fiber laser services.

Different Types of Cutting

As part of metal laser cutting services, a fabricator will determine the type of cut required for your product. In addition to different types of devices are different cutting solutions.

  • Fusion Cutting – Commonly used for industrial laser cutting services, this device uses a type of inert gas. That’s what quickly forces molten material out of the cutting torch. Fusion cutting is the preferred choice when fabricating products that require aesthetic perfection.
  • Flame Cutting – In this case, the device forces molten material out using oxygen gas. As a versatile option, it cuts many metals, including mild steel.
  • Sublimation Cutting – Laser cutting companies use this cutting to ensure that the metal’s edges are void of oxidants and, therefore, superior.

Key Benefits of Metal Laser Cutting Services

Using a laser on metal yields a higher quality cut compared to other fabrication methods. Unlike cuts made with die tools that achieve tolerance levels of roughly 1 to 3mm, lasers achieve precision as low as 0.003mm. This is definitely an advantage for businesses that need high-precision parts.

Laser cutters also make sure to use a large portion of fabricating materials, especially since laser cutting wastes little to no material. The technology also consumes less power. These factors can help companies cut down costs while maintaining accuracy.

Hire One of the Leading Laser Cutting Companies

When you need an intricately designed prototype or finished product made, be sure to choose the right company. Specifically, focus on those that offer industrial laser cutting services. After all, it’s the fabrication method that’ll create every aspect of the design to perfection.

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